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People are difficult, certain conversations are nerve-wracking, some people are flat-out vicious, and what does “setting boundaries” even mean?

What I Offer

I offer workshops covering four topics people will have to deal with in the workplace:
How to Deal with Difficult People (the most popular), Difficult Conversations Made Simple, Boundaries and Balance, and Business Bullies.

Here’s how it works:

  • Check out the four workshops below.
  • Decide if you want me to come train your staff / group in one of those topics or if you want to do some one-on-one coaching with me.
  • Get on a free, no-strings-attached call to talk about the issues either you or your staff / group is facing. Ask me all your questions.

How to Deal with Difficult People

Which one of these sounds most like you?
  • You have a client who’s never happy with what you do. They’re always mad at you and you can’t seem to please them, but you can’t figure out what the problem is.

  • You have someone at work who is very hard to get along with. You hate working with them and things get frustrating and tense pretty quickly.

  • You have a client who calls and chews out the person at the front desk, but when they talk to you, they seem just fine.

  • You have a boss who’s manipulative, plays favorites, and won’t give you a straight answer.

Give yourself the tools you need in order to:

  • Get the difficult person to start treating you with respect

  • Stop the difficult person before they start in again, redirect them to the real issue at hand, and take your power back by knowing how to avoid getting caught up in their games.

  • Understand why they act the way they do so you can know the best way to handle it

  • Set yourself up for success before the conversation even starts, so you’re never caught off-guard in the middle of an interaction

Difficult Conversations Made Simple

Your employee isn’t doing their job right (again).

Your boss doesn’t seem to care about fairness and equality.

A client hasn’t paid their invoice on time.

A coworker is slacking and you’re having to pick up the pace for them.

You’re always going to face difficult conversations that you really don’t want to have. But having a difficult conversation doesn’t have to be so hard.

With the right preparation and understanding, you can turn a difficult conversation (that would normally stress you out just thinking about it) into a productive conversation that leaves you happy with the way it went.

Give yourself the tools you need in order to:

  • Know what to say when you don’t know what to say

  • Get your point across in a kind yet clear way

  • Know how to talk so people will listen to you even when their hackles are up

  • Understand the best way to get your intention across without triggering a negative response (Neuro-Linguistic Programming in real life)

Boundaries and Balance

Do you ever say “Yes” to something when you want to say “No”?

“Setting boundaries” means you get to decide how other people treat you and you get to choose what you end up doing.

Boundaries look different for each person and situation. A boundary you set with a client may look different than a boundary you set with your boss.

Recognize any of these scenarios?

  • A client or a boss or a co-worker is pushing to try to get more from you. They continue to ask and ask and encroach upon your time and energy.

  • A client wants you at their beck and call. They text you at 10 p.m. on a Friday and expect a response right away. You either respond and resent it, or you don’t respond and then worry about it all night.

  • You realize your boundaries have been to lose with someone and you need to get a reset - I'll show you how.

Give yourself the tools you need in order to:

  • Set the most critical boundary of all (the one most people don’t know about)

  • Arm yourself with a cadre of sayings, so you know exactly what to say to defend and reinforce your boundary without hurting your working relationship

  • Figure out what “setting boundaries” means for you personally, so your time, talents, and energy isn’t taken advantage of and saying, “No, I can’t do that” isn’t so hard.

Business Bullies

You walk into the meeting and that one person goes, “We’ve been waiting for you,” when you’re only one minute late.

You get up from your desk to go refill your coffee and that coworker remarks, “You’re going to the breakroom again?”

You present an awesome idea to the team and then someone else reiterates it enough to make it their idea, completely dismissing the fact that you thought of it first.

Mean, snarky people can make you feel powerless.

They disrespect you, cut you down, and love to make jabs at you…and the way they make you feel stays with you even after you leave for home

Give yourself the tools you need in order to:

  • Identify the type of bully you’re up against, so you can know who you’re dealing with and understand what they’re doing

  • Understand the tactics they’re using to make you look bad and feel less than, so you know exactly how to respond to their comments and behavior

  • Gain clarity on why they act the way they do and how you can get respect from them

What Clients Have to Say

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Lara Currie is a powerhouse when it comes to handling difficult interactions. Her depth of knowledge is unmatched. She’s a dynamic speaker and trainer and completely dedicated to helping people relieve the stress and discomfort around uncomfortable, yet necessary conversations. Lara is high energy, tons of fun and always willing to tackle any challenge. She offers useful tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately. Every time I hear her speak on stage I learn another way to engage with the important people in my life.

— Nikki Rausch, Your Sales Maven

Lara Currie is a brilliant teacher, coach and author. Life is all about navigating the good, bad and the ugly and with Lara’s new book, Difficult Happens-How Triggers, Reactions & Emotions impact you Every Day, Lara helps us understand how certain people in our lives evoke a certain response and what we can do about it.

— Sarah Frink Real Marketing Solutions


I recently attended a workshop with Lara about dealing with difficult clients. It was great and helped me understand the triggers that cause problems with our clients and how to diffuse them. Being a Realtor, these are skills that are really valuable to have in my business and really appreciate Lara’s expert insight. Thanks Lara.

— June Griffiths Windermere

"By understanding the communication style that you've adapted to, you'll clearly see where your roadbloacks to success are." — Lara Currie

Want your staff / group to be in a workshop covering one of these topics?

01. Pick a workshop topic

  • How to Deal with Difficult People (most popular)
  • Difficult Conversations Made Simple
  • Boundaries and Balance
  • Business Bullies

02. Decide on workshop length

We’ll do breakout sessions where we role play a difficult interaction / conversation, so you can see a real-life situation play out and see where it went off the tracks and how to get it back on track.

Plus you’ll get a few worksheets &/or workbooks that contain refreshers of the slides and places to note down what you should do in your difficult situation.

1 1/2 Hours

Price: $980


Price: $1795

Full day

Price: $2495

03. Book a free, no-pressure, no-strings-attached call with me to see how I can best help you.

Note: One thing needs to be clear: I’m not a counselor, I’m a coach.

Find a professional counselor instead of a coach if

  • You’ve had severe physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse that you’ve never addressed with a professional therapist or counselor.
  • Your circle of people has consistently been extremely toxic over years or decades.
  • You’ve experienced traumatic violence that you’ve never addressed with a therapist or counselor.

For your sake, if one of the above bullet points sounds more like you than anything else you’ve read on my website, please reach out for professional counseling or therapy. I promise it’s worth it.

However, if you know a coach is more suited to your needs than a counselor and are going through my website saying, “This is me!” then book a call.