That Nagging Feeling

There is that nagging feeling again, something is not quite right. It feels like the other shoe is about to drop but you can’t quite put your finger on exactly what is wrong.

Have you ever had this feeling?

When we get those nagging feelings that take hold and won’t go away it is our intuition whispering at us. If we don’t pause and take a closer look, it will rise up and raise its voice. Showing up in ever stronger ways. As stress. As anxiety, as a pit in your stomach or a tightening in your shoulders. It is your intuition being denied. It is your intuition that you need to listen to, it has an important message for you.

So how do you do that?

It starts with being still. Our lives can be hectic and chaotic. Filled with obligations and mundane tasks that leave us feeling drained. Take the time to be still and listen. Make room for your intuition – your inner thoughts. Having a morning practice of reflection, journaling and setting your intentions for the day will create a clear place for your thoughts and intuition to take root, and for you to hear the message intuition has for you.

Feel. Feel the feelings that come along with your intuition, or “those nagging feelings” and be prepared to feel difficult ones. Sometimes our mind pushes away those thoughts and feelings that are challenging for us. But each and every emotion has a purpose and a lesson we need. The stronger ‘negative’ emotions, though harder to feel at times, have a powerful purpose in our lives.

Move. Get up, get out, and move. Throw yourself a good old-fashioned living room dance party, go for a walk outside, get to the gym or do some stretches. Just get that blood pumping. Moving your body and getting your juices flowing might be all you need to turn those whispers into a clear, actionable message.

Our intuition is a gift. We all have the ability to tap into it. Learning how can seem difficult, but with practice, you will find it easier and easier and you open yourself up, to yourself, in a whole new way.

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