05: What is Confusion Hiding?

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Do you ever get confused? Not the “why did I come upstairs” kind of confused but the more distracting form of confusion associated with being overwhelmed, with having just too many tasks on your To-do list. Those feelings of confusion and a sense of overwhelm are not only tied to your emotional state, but to your physical state as well.  

There are season aspects or rhythms to our schedule and how we spend our time. There are those times when we are more overwhelmed by our schedule than others. 

When feeling confused is coupled with a sense of overwhelm it may be masking a deeper emotion, that of fear. 

We will look at some of the typical causes of this type of reaction, some of the warning signs, and a few simple tips to help you deal with an overwhelming task list. 

What you’ll hear in this podcast: 

  • How being overwhelmed can lead to feeling confusion 
  • That confusion often masks a fear we have 
  • That your physical state can create an emotional state 
  • How stress manifests in us physically 
  • That time spent in nature can restore our ability to focus 
  • How doing a brain dump when shifting from one task to another increases our ability to focus on the next task  
  • When implementing change, it must be; 
    • Reasonable 
    • Small 
    • Do-able – fit you and your style 
  • How ‘overwhelm’ has served you in a positive  
  • That confusion serves us in its own way 
  • Why we have busier times during different seasons 
  • How to identify the warning signs before mind scattering confusion steps in 



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Virtual Lunch with Lara 

Women’s autonomic nerve responses take longer to slow down than Men’s do (Radiolab) 

That task shifting and multitasking leads to attention residue 

Antonio Damasio – The quest to understand consciousness (ted talk) 

Robert Sapolsky; The biology of our best and worst selves (ted talk) 

Robert Sapolsky; The uniqueness of humans (ted talk) 

Cal Newport “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World” 

Difficult Happens; How Triggers, Boundaries, and Emotions Impact you Every Day 



“Lists were made, and stomach aches were had.” 

“Spending just 30 minutes out in nature changes your ability to focus.” 

“Your fear holds the clue to what you need to do, or not do.” 

“Your greatest weaknesses are your strengths overplayed.” 

“Don’t take breaks from distraction, instead take breaks from focus.” 

Show Intro music is Whispering Through by Asura


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