Tip – Topics that Trigger and You

Money, triggers & Shame. We all have some topic that triggers us. When you know what topics trigger you, you can act and react in an effective way to bring about self-awareness and personal growth.

Confusion and & avoiding are two mask emotions that your subconscious uses to protect you from a strong emotion that you may not want to feel or are not ready to feel yet.

With awareness, strategy, and acceptance you can learn the lessons you need to learn and catapult your business and your personal growth.


Get my 10 best tips on how to deal with people & sticky situations!

Get tons of tips on dealing with difficult people, having tough conversations, and navigating conflict.

  • Take the guesswork out of how to respond to rude, manipulative or just plain dysfunctional people

  • Take control of the situation so that you don’t get caught up reacting instead of responding

  • Know what to say - when you don’t know what to say