Tip – Productivity and Task shifting

Tip – Task shifting can be done effectively with this quick tip. Productivity falls when we task shift if there is attention residue.

Do you ever shift from one task to the next and feel like you’re not as productive well there is something called attention residue when we task shift like that we need to give ourselves time to leave that task behind before we go into the next task if we don’t and if we don’t put it away and we’re still thinking about it while we go into the next task we’re left with this attention residue of the old task and we cannot put our foot in 10 attention on two the next task so here’s a simple tip when you are leaving one task because we have an obligation for the next task I want you to write down all the things that are in your mind about that task okay I got to send this bill and I got a record this and I got to give this feedback I got to set my employees to whatever it is before you go into the next task and then when you’re going into the next task take a look at what all needs to happen right now before you go into the next task when you do this you can lessen the amount of attention residue that’s left over from a previous task


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