The Secret Gift in Every Emotion

In Every Feeling and Every Emotion, There’s Hidden Wisdom

You’re About to Discover their Secret Gifts

Emotions. Feelings. The highs and lows, and the ups and downs. We all experience them every day. Sometimes they feel oh so gooood… and sometimes – uhhh, not so much.

However, when we start to label emotions as good or bad, we dismiss the secret gifts of their hidden wisdom. We chase the ones we want to feel more of, and stuff or shove away the ones we don’t. In doing so, their Gifts are Lost.

Feelings and emotions themselves aren’t good or bad. They have a purpose, each and every “good or bad” one. They have a purpose and a gift.

The gifts and the wisdom that they are trying to impart is knowledge that you need!

If you chase the “good” feelings and ignore the “bad” ones, you stay stuck on an emotional rollercoaster; never staying in one feeling long enough to fully enjoy it or receive its gift.

Starting today, YOU are going to be in on the Secret, Are you ready?


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