SQUAD Membership

Sisterhood, Support, & Substance

A 'whole-human centered' development community of like-minded women who are ready to take their happy back with input, guidance, and support.

A 6-month program, opens March 16, 2021.

Hi friend.

Are you ready to make a change, and are looking for a safe space to learn effective tactics to set-up a toxic-free life?

Being a business owner, leader or entrepreneur can be isolating and frustrating in a world that is ever-defensive and reactionary.  What happens at work impacts your home life, what happens at home impacts your work. The Squad is a membership community where you get the camaraderie, support, and expertise to navigate being a leader in this new and ever-changing world.

Imagine a life where…

You spot a manipulation tactic a mile away and know just how to respond to hold firm to your boundaries without feeling bad about it.

You don't feel sick to your stomach when someone is upset, angry, or emotional around (or on) you.

You can make sense of the situation. When you’re in the middle of a conversation and it goes south out of nowhere, you know what’s really going on.

You can handle an outburst and be okay. You no longer feel shook up, guilty or controlled by this person.

You know what to say even when your mind is frazzled and you don’t know what to say.

You get your happy back! You’re no longer at the mercy of this difficult person’s behavior and you can keep your emotions from going all over the place.

You get to do what YOU want to do because you feel confident saying that two-letter word…“No.”

You get back in control of your own life, you feel happy and respected, and you know how to deal with them every. single. time.

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Membership Benefits

Direct Access

Direct access to a communication expert and Dysfunctional tactics whisperer (Hi there) to deliver the training and support you're looking for in a relatable way

Exclusive Group

A private engaged group of Squad members who connect and support in an exclusive Voxer group, filled with women who want to grow both personally and professionally

Live Q & A

Regular live question and answer sessions, perfect for asking Lara your communication-related questions in real time and hearing what questions your squad members have as well

Video Training

Bite-sized video training modules covering best practices in creating a productive toxic-proof team to every classic dysfunctional manipulation tactic and how to identify - and combat them.

Access to Recordings

Can't make it to one of the trainings? No problem, you can watch the replay at a time that is more convenient to you.

Are you an auditory learner? I've got you, download the recording and listen to the replay on your time.

Inner Circle Discounts

As a squad member, you get Inner-Circle discounts on other programs and coaching packages, plus first dibs for retreat sign-up.

The Empowered Pillar Model


Pillar 1:


RECLAIMING (your sense of self and your boundaries) means:You’ll stop this person from controlling your life and walking all over you.You'll spot the button-pushing behavior for what it is before your stress level rises.You’ll start to find it easier to say “No.”You’ll start to feel like yourself again and get back to who you were meant to be.


Pillar 2:


RESTORING (your power and your happiness) means:

You’ll understand why this person impacts you so much.

You’ll gain control of each situation by knowing the reasons WHY they act the way they do and why you react the way you do.

Your feelings and emotions will no longer be controlled by what they say and how they treat you.


Pillar 3:


REFRESHING (your toolbox) means:

You’ll get a plan moving forward, so you know what skill to use and in what situation.

For example, the next time a client asks you to do one more thing, you’ll have a plan (maybe “Okay, I would love to. I will send over an amended contract this afternoon reflecting the additions).

Or the next time a team member goes silent on you, you’ll have a plan for how to handle it. 

When you’re prepared, you feel calm. And calm is the true seat of power.

early bird special $749 $1497

Get notified when the program opens!

Your Host - Lara Currie


Hello My Friend!

I didn’t choose the dysfunctional life, the dysfunctional life chose me. 🙂

Close calls, unsafe situations, abuse, hard-earned lessons and trauma round out my early years.

As an adult, after ending my marriage to a manipulative man who chipped away at my self-esteem, I wanted to make sense of my life and the crazy difficult things I’d gone through.

So I I began a journey of self-help and personal development.

I also noticed a theme in my professional life: from being a private investigator to working as a child advocate in high-conflict divorces, I was always dealing with people in situations fraught with tension and high emotions.

After years of research, I’ve helped many people reclaim the joy they deserve.

I’m passionate about helping you more easily navigate the negative people who impact your life, so you can be calm, happy, and in control.

Having an intentional plan makes all the difference in your life. Having the space and support you need can turn that plan into a reality.

In the Squad membership, We will address your personal and professional goals while utilizing the 3 Pillars of an Empowered Life methodology, with the time and support you need to move forward with greater confidence.

When you sign-up, you and I will get to know each other better on the kick-off call. We’ll talk about your specific situation and what your goals are moving forward.

This is going to be a small group so it’s more personalized. Membership is open for a limited time.  When all spots are filled, the doors gently but firmly shut.

Based on your situation and the situations the other women are dealing with, the workbooks, content, and interaction we’ll have as a group will be tailored to you so they’re relevant.

early bird special $749 $1497

Get notified when the program opens!

If you have questions, email me here and I’ll reply to you.