Series on Conflict Personality Types

20: Mastering the Art of Conflict – the Victim

Do you know your conflict personality-type? On today’s episode, we take a look at the victim conflict personality type and how it impacts communication in your business and in your life. Whether you have this conflict personality type or are dealing with one. I give you actionable steps that you can take to help you navigate conflict with this type to save you time, money and energy. Life is stressful enough, and conflict is inevitable, take these skills and tips with you so you can identify, navigate or even avoid a conflict altogether.

18: The Avoider – Mastering the Art of Conflict

Do you know an avoider? On today’s episode, we dive into how the avoider conflict-personality type impacts communication, your business, and your life so that you can master the art of conflict. It is an art, one that with practice will give you the tools you need to navigate conflict with ease. For the avoider, obfuscation, retreating and procrastination is their baseline in a conflict.

16: The Perfectionist – Mastering the Art of Conflict

Conflict Personality types are inherent to the individual and show up in full force during a difficult conversation and kick into overdrive during a conflict. There are four Conflict Personality Types, the Pleaser, the Perfectionist, the Avoider and the Victim. Conflict gets a bad rap because so many people “do” it wrong. They struggle with how to deal with conflict the right way. Or they just plain view conflict as something that is a negative and should be avoided at all cost. This is black or white thinking and it can keep you stagnant and frozen in old patterns that do not serve you.

13: Mastering the Art of Conflict – The Pleaser

Can you master the art of conflict? You can. When you have the communication skills, the knowledge and the practice putting those skills to use, you can master the art of conflict. And it is an Art. There are four conflict personality types, these personality types have certain traits that you can identify and learn to navigate in conflict for a positive outcome. Conflict is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be hard. On this episode, we look at the conflict personality type of a Pleaser.