Series on Combating Manipulative Behavior

132 Why People Believe Liars

Most people are trusting. You don’t go around expecting people to lie, but when you put your trust into someone who has only their best interests in mind, you may find yourself making excuses for them. It’s easy to bog yourself down even further and fall victim to their manipulation tactics. 
There are several ways to identify manipulative behavior in order to cut that toxic behavior out of your life, and unmask the lies for what they are.

135 The Silent Treatment

We all get triggered, it’s part of the great landscape that is the tapestry of our lives. Sometimes we recognize it and sometimes we don’t. 
As leaders, coworkers, friends or employees it’s important that we strive for healthy reactions, but as whole human beings sometimes, we fall short. Today we take a look at why people are triggered so that you can have the skills to respond effectively.

136 Why People Get Triggered

“You must first get along with yourself before you can get along with others.” — Unknown
Some people just push your buttons, but why?
Manipulators are masters at it, toxic people do it, and those with immature or dysfunctional communication styles both push your buttons and get defensive.

143 When someone is disappointed with you

No one likes that feeling of disappointing someone, or when someone didn’t live up to your expectations, this time of year, and this year in particular, there is a LOT out there to find disappointment in. Did you know that there are two types of disappointment?
Nobody likes that sinking feeling you get in your gut, yet it is a feeling we have all had. Disappointment comes in all shapes and sizes.

145 Magical Speaking

When a manipulator starts spinning their tale it can feel like you are being tossed in a word salad!
One thing that all manipulators have in common is that they use words to obfuscate, influence and control, also known as ‘Magical Speaking’. Have you heard the tapes between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp?

146 How to Tame a Jerk and Outwit a Manipulator

Rude, jerky, manipulative behaviors are dysfunctional coping skills learned and practiced over their lifetime and were born from their family of origin.Today, we dive into how the bad behavior interferes with you, show you the patterns & cycles the manipulator (&jerk) will go through when you stand firm, and what the most important thing you need to know is so that you can tame that jerk, and outwit that manipulator.