Series on Combating Manipulative Behavior

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“It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them”

Gossip, incivility, griping, and negativity, seems to be everywhere right now. Am I right?

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112 Blame Shifting – Toxic Work environment 101

Manipulative people have an arsenal of tactics they will use against you. Blame-Shifting is one of the big ones. When it is used by a boss or co-worker, it can create a toxic environment quickly, one that, if the manipulator isn’t stopped, will only get worse.

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125 What to say to a Victim Conflict Personality-Type

Drama Debbie is in the house, and her martyrdom is impacting everyone.The victim conflict personality type can impact everyone within earshot,   they can be easy to dismiss and tough to deal with directly, don’t get caught chasing the shiny in their drama web. 
In today’s episode, we dive into what you can do to redirect drama Debbies’ impact on you and the workplace.

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126 How to Tame a Jerk and Outwit a Manipulator

“The way you treat yourself will set the standard for others” — Unknown Jerky’esque behavior is rampant these days. Shocker (not). Rude, jerky, manipulative behaviors are dysfunctional coping skills learned and practiced over their lifetime and were born from their family of origin. It’s time to take your Happy back! Hold firm to your boundaries

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127 What strong women deal with – the attempted ‘boxing’ of Kamala Harris

Dog whistles, tropes, Microaggressions. Women in male-dominated fields deal with these attempts to silence, or sideline, them every week.
Last week it came to light that some in presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign along with wealthy donors think that Kamal Harris is “Too Ambitious” to be a VP pick.
Strong women, women in male-dominated fields, and those who go against  ‘societal norms’ hear this trope as a way to minimize, box, and dismiss their authority.

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128 The Way to show up Online with Deborrah Ashley

How we show up online, now, is more important than in pre-COVID times. In-person meetings and large gatherings are a memory and it’s going to be a minute before they come back.
So many online platforms have devolved and actual discourse is difficult if not impossible, so how do you show up and contribute to the conversation and how do you respond to “Trolls” & “Feed-hijackers”?

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