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I’ve put together some powerful communication guides to help you navigate through difficult interactions. These can help you get started if we haven’t worked together yet … and are great reminders if we have had the opportunity to do so. (or if you have self-studied with my book)

Need even more help right now? I’ve put together both a podcast and a video series. Now you can get the information you want and need … in the format that’s best for you! 

WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY: Your guide to a Respectful “No”

Have you been caught off guard by a request from a boss (or a friend?) Did you struggle with what to say? If you mustered up the courage to say “no” did you feel guilty?

Let this guide show you how to deliver “no” in a firm and respectful manner, while protecting your time, your energy, and the relationship.

DIFFICULT INTERACTION: Your Guide to Being Extraordinarily Prepared

We all have “difficult” in our lives. Difficult conversations. Difficult interactions.

If you know “difficult” is headed your way, it’s wise to prepare (after all, you know what they say about an ounce of prevention, right?)

Here’s the guide that will help you create a calm and productive interaction

Video Series & Podcast

I’ve put together both a podcast and a video series. Now you can get the information you want and need … in the format that’s best for you!


Get my 10 best tips on how to deal with people & sticky situations!

Get tons of tips on dealing with difficult people, having tough conversations, and navigating conflict.

  • Take the guesswork out of how to respond to rude, manipulative or just plain dysfunctional people

  • Take control of the situation so that you don’t get caught up reacting instead of responding

  • Know what to say - when you don’t know what to say