Difficult Happens Podcast

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164_Workplace Drama Pt 1

164 Drama in the workplace with Patti Perez part 1

163_Vulnerability Hangover

163 Lara Has A Vulnerability Hangover

162 Refresh

162 Refresh with Dysfunctional Affirmations

161 Restore

161 Restore – Essential Boundaries For Bosses

160 Reclaim Power

160 Reclaim Your Power; Breaking-Up Is Hard

159 Recognize Blame

159 Recognize what’s really going on when Blame is an issue

3 Years_LI_Bonus Episode

Bonus Episode

158_CD_What Entrepreneurs Know

158 What Entrepreneurs Know, That You Should Too

157_WP_When Good Clients Go Bad 2

157 When Good Clients Go Bad

156_WP_3 Things Women Need To Run A Business

156 3 Things Women Need To Run A Business

155 WP Interview with Jen Trepeck

155 In the Trenches of a Toxic Workplace with Jenn Trepeck

154 WP 10 Toxic Tactics

154 10 Toxic Red Flags