One-On-One With Lara

If you’re ready for one-on-one coaching that’s hyper-specific to your situation and gives you the action steps you need to change the outcome, you’re in the right place.

One-On-One With Lara

If you’re ready for one-on-one coaching that’s hyper-specific to your situation and gives you the action steps you need to change the outcome, you’re in the right place.


Recognize any of these scenarios?

  • You have someone in your life who’s causing you a lot of stress, is never happy with what you do, and doesn’t respect you, your time, or your talents.
    (This could be a client, a boss, a coworker, or a colleague.)

  • You’re dealing with someone who constantly cuts you down with little comments they make, who is never wrong, and who you’re always walking on eggshells around.
    (This might be your spouse, a friend, a parent, or someone at work.)

  • You have that one person, at work or in your personal life, who’s very demanding and who always pushes you to do just one more thing for them.

I have three one-on-one coaching options to take you from where you are now to where you want to be

Coaching for Success (3 Months)

Constantly feeling stressed, being drained by certain people, and not being able to make sense of the situation is not a one-time deal. It happens to you over and over again.

Know what to say when you don’t know what to say, stop laying in bed thinking about it, and feel good about yourself.

Coaching for Success includes:

  • An hour-long meeting on Zoom every other week. We go through any issues that crop up over the last two weeks and create a game plan for the next two weeks.
  • After each call, you get worksheets focusing on the difficult scenarios you’re dealing with, so when the moment comes and you’re on the spot, you’ll have a framework to fall back on, instead of trying to think of what to say when your mind is frazzled.
  • Email and Voxer access between Zoom meetings, so at anytime during work hours, you can shoot me an email or a voice-text and say, “Okay, I'm having this problem. They just said this, what am I going to do?” I’ll get right back to you as soon as possible so you can have a script and know what to do.
  • A blueprint personalized around you and your situation, so going forward, you always know how to respond to get respect and have a productive conversation, how to avoid unnecessary conflict, and how to keep yourself from being walked all over.

You’ll understand how you tend to react to tense and uncomfortable situations, what your strong points are and how to leverage them, and the areas you need to focus on to get the best results.

PLUS you get three free bonuses:

  • A copy of my book Difficult Happens: How Triggers, Boundaries, and Emotions Impact You Every Day, so whenever you need a refresher, you can flip to the right page and immediately get the answers you need.
  • Preferred access/priority placement at retreats.These are super fun getaways where you get to meet other people who are in similar situations. We work on our skills together to become stronger, make friends who understand exactly what we’re going through, and have a blast doing fun things out and about while we’re at it!
  • Discounts on those retreats as well as on future courses I’m coming out with.



VIP Day (5 hours – Virtual or In-Person)

When something comes up in life or at work and you’re like, “I need to know how to deal with this now,” we’ll spend five hours focused 100% on what you’ve got going on.

We’ll come up with a plan and a framework on how to best handle the situation so you’re never caught in the dark again.

We’ll go through what your normal reaction is to tense and uncomfortable situations, so you never feel caught off-guard or unsure of how to respond in the moment.

When the call is over with, you’ll get worksheets specific to the issue you’re dealing with, so you can map out the best way to navigate through it next time and have a framework on exactly what to say when you need to defend yourself.

Plus you’ll get two weeks of Voxer (voice-text) access to me and one month of email access, so when things come up after your VIP day, you can shoot me a message and figure out how to deal with each issue one by one.

COVID Special (1 Month)

During a virtual lunch, we’ll go through your current challenge and what you can do to change the situation.

We’ll identify why you’re not seeing the results you want and work out a plan, so you know how to handle it next time without second-guessing what you say.

You’ll be able to navigate through your difficult situation, get back on track, and communicate in a way that makes the other person treat you with more respect.

Before we have “lunch” together, you’ll fill out a questionnaire so we can jump right into the issue you’re dealing with.

The interactions that leave you second-guessing yourself, feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or frustrated? They’ll be a thing of the past – just imagine how great that will feel.


What Clients Have to Say


Lara is a master of the difficult conversations playbook. There isn’t a single situation, no matter how dysfunctional you think it is, that she can’t read with extreme accuracy and understanding of all the complicated and layered components that arise when humans interact.

She has given me effective tools, phrases, and strategies to use whether the interaction is planned or unexpected. When I find myself in a difficult spot with someone, I will ask ‘how would Lara handle this?’ And what Lara has taught me is how to stand in my integrity (even when the fire is hot), to hold my boundaries with strength and compassion.


A ‘roller coaster of emotions’ only touches the surface in describing the crazy struggle of trying to understand what’s happening when you have someone in your life who has mastered the art of manipulation. Lara was amazing at helping me step back and see what was really happening. My method of trying to smooth things over was only making things worse. She helped me understand how to set clear boundaries and how to not engage. She took the confusion and fear out of the picture and gave me strength again to stand strong.

Thank you Lara for your amazing help in processing and establishing a firm, clear and respectful set of boundaries.

— Angela Meeks

Elle Fisher

“Lara gave me the tools needed to understand and see both sides of a conflict, to recognize certain types of behaviors, and to plan appropriate responses.  Pairing Lara’s coaching with the Difficult Happens podcast was life-changing for me.”

— Elle Fisher

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