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How long does this take? The communication between my team members sucks!
  • If you are ready to do the work – I am ready to guide you. Each individual is unique (with a theme). When it comes to team dynamics, conflict, and change our individual uniqueness play’s into every interaction. I offer VIP day’s for leaders, facilitated 1/2 & full day workshops as well as emergency triage consultations for emergency communication issues.
  • With the knowledge you will learn from my methodology, your communications skills will grow exponentially, and you will take it with you for the rest of your life. Like a muscle, these skills need to continue to be practiced but grow stronger every time you use them.
What does the past have to do with where I am now?

Looking back is always beneficial. Context, innate personality, your conflict personality style, all play a part in how you see the world. We are all unique, with a theme.

I haven't experienced dysfunction, (but I like your message) what can you do for me?

By some accounts 80% of the population has, so you will come into contact with them on a daily basis, at work, home and in life. Understanding how that plays into your everyday interactions will help you see the world, and how we communicate with one another, in a whole new light.

Are you a counselor?

No. I am not a counselor

What do you mean by triggers?

A triggered-reaction is an automatic initiate and immediate negative reaction in you based on an experience or situation from the past (conscious or unconscious). This is different (although similar) to a trauma-triggered reaction

A triggered-reaction is a pattern of reacting that you have developed from your cumulative experiences that often lead to a negative result.

I have a major issue right now, can you help me?

Yes. We often don’t realize how stressful a situation is until we are in crisis. I can help you understand, navigate through, and repair from your major life change or issue.


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