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There are three things in this world that are inevitable; death, taxes and change. Some people might get away with not paying taxes (I have no idea how) but death and change are inescapable to be sure and most people have a healthy dose of fear around both.

But why?

The truth is, everything changes, and when it does it can lead to some amazing things, life gifts that you did not expect and could not predict.

Are you moving to a new area? You might meet a lifelong friend.

Changing jobs? Can lead to a fulfilled work life.

Ending a relationship? You are now free to meet the right person for you.

Change isn’t “good” or “bad”. It just is.

If you see the change as a positive, well the gifts of that particular change are obvious to you. But if a change is viewed as a negative, the gifts of that change will be lost.

Take the three examples above.

What if you did change jobs and it sucked, you really did not like it. The gift might be the realization that this is not the type of work you want to do, and now that you think about it, you have another calling altogether and you make some decisions to take a different path.

You moved to a new area that just isn’t for you. You learn to explore different types of entertainment, different ways to connect with your people, and that sunscreen – really is imperative. (Full disclosure, this is one of the gifts of change that I learned from a move out of my hometown and bonus gift, I travel a lot more now.)

Just end a relationship? Although it is hard thing to do, heck you liked them for a reason in the first place, but you realize that you just aren’t for each other. The gift of deeper self-awareness, stronger boundaries, and higher self-esteem is yours for the taking.

When it comes to change, hindsight is pretty much useless. Looking back, we minimize the emotions we felt at the time. We rarely connect with the way we felt before and during the change that seemed so daunting or remembers how much dread we had about the change.

Why is this?

The human animal does not like the unknown, the unpredictable. It is a dark basement that we stuff all of our fears and doubts into. We want to be able to have some sense of control. Our historical lives depended on us being able to know and predict the level of danger in any given situation.

It is a different world now, more often than not we must just take the leap, fears and all. When we take the walk down the steps into that scary basement of change we will see some unexpected things, some things that you will just have to adapt to, your perceptions, and yourself will be changed too.

Change isn’t good or bad, it just is.

You were once unable to walk. To drive, ski, or swim. They were impossible, but now they are easy. Except for skiing, that’s still hard. What, just me?

Embrace and welcome change. It’s all part of the grand ride.

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