Balancing it All

“You should strive for balance in your life.” ~ The Myth

How did “balance” become something that we strive for, something we should try to attain?

I believe that this mythical ‘balance’ is just that. A myth. A state that becomes some unattainable standard that we chastise ourselves for not quite getting to, and yet, at some level, we all believe we should.

The myth of balance is that it is a static state that we can attain and remain in.

Balance, when it comes to work and life, is not static. It is a point on the swing of a pendulum. There are times in our lives when we need to focus more on our business, spending time thinking about and doing the work, planning out projects and longer workdays. There are other times, or ‘seasons’, when we focus more on our family life, our homes and relationships. In some seasons self-care takes center stage. When you take the time to get away for a retreat or vacation, a solo camping trip in the woods or on a road-trip.

It is Harmony that I strive for. Harmony that creates a consistent swing of the pendulum in life.

My favorite definition of harmony is; “A pleasing arrangement of parts.” It is a fluid state where balance is achieved when the pendulum swings between the parts of our world that need our focus in a harmonious way.

The key to not falling victim to the pressure of the work/life balance myth is to check in with yourself and your boundaries around your TIME. Do you feel the parts of your life are in harmony? Is it time to shift your focus?

You know when you have over-stepped your time boundaries.  You know when you have pushed too far and are giving too much in one area of your life to the detriment of another. This is not something that another can tell you. It comes from checking-in with yourself.

Take the time to check-in and listen to your gut, your intuition, and then cut yourself some slack and re-center. What need’s your attention? Is it your family? Your Business? Yourself?

I hope you find your pleasing arrangement of parts, so you can feel the pleasure of harmony. Difficult times are inevitable. Want to know how to understand, get ready for and navigate through those times with some easy to implement tips and tricks? Checkout Difficult Happens; how triggers, boundaries & emotions impact you every day.


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