93: The Fan Incident; I know you are but what am I

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It started at a neighborhood wine bar and ended on amazon prime.

Your personal values, along with the social norms of the time dictate what you find embarrassing or shameful but those social norms can change with the times, situation and community you are in. 

While out at a wine bar with friends I got some unsolicited advice from a stranger. The interaction has stuck with me for several reasons.  In this episode, I share what happened while chatting with some strangers, why it got me thinking about that old playground taunt “I know you are but what am I”, and how you may see things differently when talking with someone from a different context than you.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • What Context is
  • How Context impacts your perception
  • How the values of  a group can grow and change over time
  • Why we show people  what we value, sometimes through judgment
  • How our word choices can clue you into what we value
  • How the stories we believe about ourselves impact discourse
  • The need to belong & how it drives us
  • The cultural silence around health issues specific to women

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