91: Awkward Conversations – a Survivor Guide

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Shorter days, colder nights and seasonal celebrations abound, welcome to trigger-season.

This is the season of gathering & celebrating. There are family functions, social get-togethers, and work parties to attend. 

Along with that, there are inevitable assumptions about how everything will turn out and expectations of how we want things to go. 

To go into this season prepared we here at Difficult Happens have you covered, in this week’s episode I give you concrete steps that you can take to prepare for and navigate through, this trigger-season.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • How the holidays & weather impact interactions
  • Why winter is “trigger-season”
  • Our conscious & subconscious brains in action
  • Family conversations & expectations
  • The work party a petre dish of awkward conversations
  • The conflict loop
  • What assumptions, judgments, expectations, and reactions have to do with your communication
  • How our family of origin informs our triggers
  • What a triggered reaction is
  • What to do before during and after this season 

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