88: Where You Are is the Problem

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If you are a Perfectionist or have the Disease to Please, your very environment can trigger you.

We have unconscious reactions all day long, ones that we aren’t aware of and yet they impact us in ways that will surprise you. Your subconscious is in control of your actions and reactions 99% of the time so it’s no surprise that it takes a strong reaction or reason to take a mindful look at why we respond in a certain way.

Don’t wait for a conflict to identify yours.

When you shine the light on triggered reactions, where the ‘action’ of any interaction happens, you can respond with purpose.

Break free from the pull of perfectionism join me today and discover how  to identify your triggered reactions.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • Where ‘difficult’ stuff comes from
  • The trap of perfectionism
  • The disease to please
  • What a triggered reaction is
  • What an environmental trigger is
  • How to identify your environmental triggers
  • Becoming who we were meant to be
  • Don’t ‘should’ on yourself
  • Why my sister passed out in Geology 101

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