86: When your work is full of Difficult Conversations with Tricia MacFarlan

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“It just takes a little bit of light to break through the darkness” 

Not everyone can hear about the hard stuff. Sometimes the very nature of your work is hard to hear about or to talk about. 

Social workers, first responders, non-profits working with marginalized or victimized groups, these jobs have built-in them difficult topics to discuss.

Our guest today is Tricia MacFarlan the Executive Director of Mirror Ministries, whose mission is to; 

“Reflect the grace of God to victims & survivors of sex trafficking”

A tough topic to be sure, but one that needs open and honest conversations if it is going to change. From conversations with potential donors to the clients they serve, Tricia and I dive into the verbal and non-verbal cues

*Trigger warning – This episode touches on the topic of human trafficking and may be triggering for some.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • What’s difficult to hear for one person is not for another
  • What to do when the nature of your work is hard to talk about
  • Non-verbal cues and the difficult conversation
  • How the lack of discussing the topic of human trafficking has led to a lack of information on the victims
  • How a sliver of light can impact the darkness
  • How hard talks can impact you
  • How having difficult conversations lead to change

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