85: When Women are Mean to Women

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Rudeness is rudeness. When women are mean to each other, especially in a professional setting,  it feels especially icky, like a betrayal. It feeds into the worst stereotypes about women as being shrews, b*tch3s, and queen bees. Why is this behavior still so pervasive?

In today’s show, we dive into what’s behind this behavior and what you can do about it. The tactics discussed can be implemented in any situation where people are using negative communication patterns like mockery, belittling speech, isolating physicality (cutting you out) or being just plain rude.

Women are powerful when we unite and work together lifting each other up, nothing can get in our way. 

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • Ways that women treat each-other
  • Why women display this behavior
  • What does it look like
  • What does this behavior have to do with history
  • What is a scarcity mindset
  • How the glass ceiling plays in
  • Middle school modeling
  • How power plays in
  • Stereotypes about women & menses
  • Irrational sexism
  • Projection and low self-esteem
  • Millennials impact on female  relationships
  • How the generations act differently than one-other
  • Standing on the shoulders of greatness, how things have changed for women in the workplace
  • How to change the narrative
  • Supporting one another
  • How  work impacts life and life impacts work

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