81: Genocide Perspective & Hope with Maja Kazazic Pt 1

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What happens years after a difficult or even traumatic experience? Humans are amazing creatures and when pushed,  we can endure and through personal growth, we can flourish.

Our guest today, Maja Kazazic shares the impact, or echo, of the events she survived as a child living through a genocide that killed over 250,000 people There were moments of joy, unity, and resilience.

Her real struggle happened 17 years later after she had triumphed over hundreds of surgeries, learning how to walk then run again and founding a successful software company.

After a chance meeting on an airplane, her life took a path she would have never expected. 

Her willingness to look back in order to move forward will benefit anyone who has ever experienced trauma in their life.

Join Maja and me in part 1 of this 2 part interview.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • How she found moments of happiness in a war-torn region
  • The Bosnian Genocide
  • How one woman sitting on her couch watching news footage of the genocide led her to Maja
  • Why some people are unable to hear about tragedy &/or trauma
  • What a sign of true healing is
  • What are the signs of wisdom
  • How to tease out the lessons in order to move on to bigger & better things
  • How trauma brings out your true self
  • What survivor guilt looks like
  • Why success may not be a success, for you
  • How a chance meeting led Maja to her ‘bigger purpose’
  • What is foreboding joy 

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