80: Shame Judgment Resilience & Ramblings with One Broken Mom part 2

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Judgment, guilt, shame & vulnerability are like dominoes, each one falling on the next in a chain reaction. So is personal growth, as the dominoes fall your boundaries, self-esteem, and confidence grows. When we are open & vulnerable we grow into a better more empathetic person. As Ernest Hemingway said;

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.

Ameé Quiriconi from the “One Broken Mom” podcast joins me for part 2 of our 2 part interview,  where we dive into feelings of shame, judgment, and how opening ourselves up to vulnerability and leads to growth. 

We also dive into all the different ways that you can take care of yourself, in a way that feeds YOU,  during the harder times. 

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • The Individuality of self-care
  • Recognizing patterns
  • Getting yourself ‘back’
  • The power of being still
  • What a self-fulfilling prophecy is and how it can impact you
  • The power of listening
  • Discovering your passion
  • Internal & external expressions of judgment
  • What are frozen feelings
  • What Heritage Emotions are
  • Embracing change
  • Procrastination & responsibility
  • What happens when you get stuck doing ‘all the things’
  • How your relationship with money can be an insight into other areas of your life
  • How an assessment (such as Meyers Briggs) in your 20’s can impact you differently than one in your 40’s
  • The meaning and misuse of words and how definitions are changed

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