79: Shame, Judgment, Resilience & Ramblings with One Broken Mom part 1

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Our lives don’t always turn out as we expected. 

With courage to explore personal development and the “why” around our behavior, expectations and struggles your life can turn out even better than you had hoped. 

As Ernest Hemingway said;

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.

Whenever you put yourself out there in any way, no matter the setting, you open yourself up to judgment from others. So what do you do about it? How do you gain resilience during those tough times and what does resilience look like?

In today’s episode Ameé Quiriconi from the “One Broken Mom” podcast joins me to dive into the topic of dysfunction, trauma, expectations, shame, judgment and so much more, this is a two-part interview that you don’t want to miss.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • How dysfunction impacts you
  • Why Childhood trauma informs the way you communicate
  • How natural consequences benefit us
  • Why there is an epidemic  of the “Parentification of children”
  • The Fight flight or  freeze response and how it can  manifest in strange ways like checking out &  overworking
  • What judgment really is
  • How assumptions can alter your perception
  • How your ‘library of information’ filters your perception of what is happening
  • When Nervous system on autopilot – how to respond, not react
  • What  is a Trigger, and a triggered reaction
  • Why if someones ‘door is closed’ you cannot change them
  • You can be a ninja, block, delete, ignore
  • Why motherhood felt foreign to Ameeé and what she did about it
  • Exercising compassion
  • Having empathy and compassion does not mean you have to tolerate bad behavior
  • Some Gramma Tiny wisdom
  • Why feeling shame is okay
  • How we can attract dysfunction when we are not aware
  • Why anger may be a mask emotion
  • The role of creating safety
  • How your personal life impacts your work life
  • Why your body knows what your conscious mind doesn’t
  • Why Entrepreneurs are a special breed
  • What is resiliency
  • The real problem in corporations is zero self-awareness 
  • External  vs internal expressions of your conflict personality type

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