78 How to Say NO and Mean It

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Uhm, No?

Why is it so hard to say no sometimes? Saying no can be especially difficult when you have the conflict personality-type of a Perfectionist, let’s face it, you are very capable and you want things done right. It doesn’t feel like it would take you long.

Constantly saying yes, can lead to “yes fatigue”, but in order to know when and how to say NO, you need to know what the 5 Types of No are so that you aren’t caught off guard and answer with a reflexive Yes. 

It’s not reasonable to say NO to all things just like it is untenable to say YES to all things, in today’s episode we dive into those five types of NO and get you confident to be able to say NO and Mean IT.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • There are 4 Conflict Personality-types
  • Why is it so hard for a perfectionist to say no
  • How competence gets in your way
  • Fear of disappointing others
  • Natural consequences & interference
  • How there is no such thing as a bad hire
  • What 100% accountability has to do with it
  • How manipulators can persuade a perfectionist
  • The difference between the incompetent, the lazy and the manipulator
  • The 5 types of NO
  • Respecting your time
  • Those shades of grey and how they impact your decision
  • Women & apologizing
  • Your ‘no’ when someone is struggling
  • How to say No and mean it

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