76: Emotional Manipulation & What to do about it

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Feelings, nothing more than feelings. 

Emotions are a powerful thing, they can motivate us into action, fill us with warm flush feelings of love & adoration, trigger our fight, flight or freeze response before we are aware of it and they have the ability to change our bodies chemistry.

Manipulators, bully’s and dysfunctional people know the power of emotions. They are very intuitive when it comes to what you are insecure about and they will use your insecurities to pull an emotion from you in order to control you, change the narrative, or make you look bad in order to get what they want.

In today’s episode we continue our series on the most common forms of ‘opposer-strategies’ that manipulative & dysfunctional people use to get their way, define the narrative or elicit a response from you. In particular the three main emotions of Shame, Fear & Anger 

We have all experienced an abundance of an emotion, heck, teenagers live it every day. When your emotions are pulled from you while your subconscious is in charge it can impact your self-esteem and reputation. Learn 4 main things that  you can do to combat this and respond instead of react.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • What the 6 main emotions are
  • The 3 main emotions that manipulators pull from you
  • What manipulators want from you
  • What a mask emotion is
  • Why a mask emotion shows up
  • Why an opposer-strategy works
  • Which emotions are the most powerful
  • How our body reacts to emotions
  • What the purpose of these emotions really is
  • What a comfort emotion is
  • How your emotional desire path may be tricking you
  • The power of Calm
  • How to wake the conscious mind
  • How to check-the-facts
  • Your tolerance-battery & what depletes it

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