75: 3 Distraction Techniques Manipulators use and How to Combat them

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  • Have you ever been talking with someone about one topic, and before you know what’s happened you find yourself in a completely different conversation defending some previous action or statement unsure of how you got there? You, my friend, have fallen prey to a manipulators distraction technique.In today’s episode, we look at the most common forms of ‘opposer-strategies’ that manipulative & dysfunctional people use to get their way, define the narrative or elicit a response from you.We have all experienced them, now you will have the skills to combat them.

    What you’ll hear in this episode:

    • What causes that sudden feeling of defensiveness
    • Why you are not crazy – you are just being manipulated
    • How meaning can come at you sideways
    • Why these distractions are so effective
    • The correlation between manipulation & dysfunction
    • How your own self-image can be fodder for these tactics
    • How the grain of truth will impact you to react
    • Why your mom was right
    • How these combat strategies should be used in different situations




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