74: The Godfathers of Manipulation; Gaslighting & Blame-Shifting

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  • Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes? Have you ever questioned your own memory? 

    Do you second guess yourself or wonder if you are just too sensitive? 

    You may have fallen prey to one of the Godfathers of Manipulation; Gaslighting & Blame-Shifting.

    This episode continues our series on “opposer strategies’. These are strategies that combative people use when communicating. Bullies use these manipulative strategies, people who want to control and manipulate use these opposer strategies and dysfunctional people use these strategies. 

    Dysfunctional people often use passive-aggressive behavior unconsciously. 89% of people were raised in what is considered a dysfunction home. Which means even if you were not, you work with, live with and will be around someone who is considered dysfunctional in some way.

    So arm yourself with these simple tools to combat passive-aggressive behavior.

    What you’ll hear in this episode:

    • What gaslighting is
    • Where the term gaslighting came from and what it looks like
    • What an opposer-strategy is
    • Is it manipulation or a dysfunction?
    • A real-life example of gaslighting in action
    • Why gaslighting takes place over time
    • The use of emotions in gaslighting
    • How isolating plays into these strategies
    • Why there is shame involved on the victims part
    • How to get help
    • What blame-shifting looks like
    • How to combat these manipulative tactics
    • Why self-care is so important

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