72: The Three Types of Fool You Encounter Everyday

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Some say ignorance is bliss, others say the ignorant are fools. I say both may be true. 

The word fool has many definitions and is used in many different ways, everything from an empty headed person, to someone who is vapid, to an outright insane person, all the way to the fool as your conscience. 

It’s almost like it is a filler word that can mean whatever you want it to mean, from the wisest fools among us to the ignorant fool we all like to blame. 

Today I define my interpretation of a fool and what that looks like, and reveal  the three types of fools that you have and will continue to, encounter so you will know how to deal with them, without it severely impacting you in a negative way.

Oh and spoiler alert, we have all been these three fools at one point or another in our lives. If you still are, I give you tips on how to break free from the Fools Kingdom.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • The three types of fool
  • What is Willful ignorance
  • The importance of slowing down
  • How questions play into change
  • Why a fool doubles down
  • How we have all been these fools before
  • What a paradigm shift is and how to have one
  • Internal revelation
  • How Openness and Curiosity set’s a fool free
  • Facts and the Distraction Balloon

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