71: Gossip; When it’s Bad & How it’s Good

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Do you gossip? Have you been gossiped about?

Even the word gossip brings out a negative reaction in most people, so if we all agree that gossip is a ‘bad’ thing, and we discourage our children from engaging in it, then why is it such a prevalent part of our social fabric?

On today’s episode we dive into the truth about gossip, the different types of gossip, and how gossip can benefit a group. You may walk away from today’s episode having a whole new view on the subject of gossip and the way that we communicate with one another. 

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • What is Gossip
  • The difference between Investigative Gossip & Malicious Gossip
  • Triangulation and the conflict personality types
  • Setting group norms with gossip
  • Changing egoistic behavior through gossip
  • Ostracism, exploitation & cooperative tendencies

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“Research on Gossip: Taxonomy, Method’s, and Future Directions”

“Gossip and the Group: A Self Categorization Perspective”

“Who Do We Tell and Whom Do We Tell On? Gossip as a Strategy for Status Enhancement”

“Gossip in Evolutionary Perspective”

“Knowledge Through the Grapevine: Gossip as Inquiry”

“Gossip and Ostracism Promote Cooperation in Groups”

“Leadership from a Dancing Guy” or ‘One Crazy Man or the Leader of a Revolution?’

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