70: Breaking up with a Business Partner, Change & Growth with Amy Balliett Part 2

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Change is inevitable and sometimes scary, but always, change happens for a reason.

Difficult conversations only get more difficult when they aren’t had and delayed conflict puts everyone, and your business, at risk. Sometimes the conversation you are afraid to have is not only a necessary one, but one that will lead to the greatest kind of change taking you places you never thought you’d go.

Amy Balliet of Killer Visual Strategies (formerly Killer Infographics) shares how she grew a company, shifted with a purpose and ‘exited’ her business partner during a critical time for the business. What went right, what went wrong, and the lessons that she learned along the way. Looking back her intuitive reflection can help us all with not only breaking up respectfully but in shifting directions with a purpose.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What an infographic is
  • How marketing has changed and the rise of visual content
  • Recognizing shifts in a business
  • Recognizing shifts in a relationship
  • Soliciting employee feedback
  • How to deal with change
  • When a difficult conversation should take place
  • Where a difficult conversation should take place
  • How courage comes in many forms
  • Moving forward and making decisions with a mission vision & value statement
  • How to avoid a ‘word salad’ during a conversation

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