63: When Ghosting Happens in Business

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We’ve all felt the pain of being ignored by someone. Whether it be a once close friend who suddenly cuts contact or a past lover who dropped off the face of the Earth. Yep – we’ve all been ‘ghosted’ (and chances are, you’ve been the ghost too).

But what about in your professional life? Have you ever had a client, a subcontractor or an employer not show up to work or simply become unresponsive?

Ghosting is a phenomenon that’s on the rise. It’s where someone stops responding to all your attempts to communicate with them. It’s, unfortunately, becoming commonplace – where people are choosing to ignore or avoid dealing with hard conversations.

It’s creating a whole lot of anxious and uncertain feelings, leaving people questioning whether something is wrong with them, or if you did something wrong.

But every scenario is different. Sometimes ghosting is okay – or even necessary. When is it ever okay to do that to someone, you ask?

Well, in this episode we’re going to unpack this whole ‘ghosting’ thing.

I talk about how to recognize when you’re being ghosted, why people are doing it and what to do about it.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • Why people ghost you (and your business)
  • How you can predict it and what you can do
  • Don’t let it slide – Checkup and check in often
  • Model good behavior
  • Find out the root issue
  • When ghosting is okay or even necessary
  • When someone doesn’t listen, or change discussed behavior
  • Why they leave and don’t come back

There clues that were left

What’s happening in the ghost’s mind

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