62: The Most Important Investment YOU Can Make

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Prepare yourself for the best investment you’ll ever make. An investment in yourself.

Beginning a journey of self-inquiry can bring on a variety of adventures. A whirlwind of emotions, breakthroughs, and experiences that all lead to preparing you for the next step along your path… And the next… And the next.

It’s an endless journey you undertake. Once you start to develop self-awareness, it never really stops.

Whether it be your personal or professional life, undertaking activities that improve awareness and identity will help to develop your talents and potential.

From observing how you deal with conflict to learning about your own conflict-personality type or emotional intelligence, there are so many areas of yourself to explore, which will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

Are you yet to dive deep into your own personal development journey? Not quite sure where to start? Have a listen, I have a series of questions for you that may help.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • How investing in yourself will help you develop personally and professionally
  • Recurring situations and learning from experience
  • Embracing the difficult
  • Areas to begin focusing on
  • Personal development podcast recommendations
  • Powerful questions to help you begin your growth journey

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