55: How to be a Strong Powerful Woman in the Workplace

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Are you a woman in the workplace who sits back out of fear of judgment from others? Do you find yourself sabotaging your success because worried about being labeled the “B” word? Do you hold back from expressing your true thoughts, lean on being agreeable and taper your responses to keep the peace?

Yet in the meantime, do you have a deep inner desire for your peers to see you as you see yourself? To respect you as the intelligent, assertive and confident person you know you are?

Sometimes, being what people may consider a ‘Yachie’ is what it takes to get things done.

But there are ways that women can step up and still command a level of respect from those around them – without being labeled a grouchy, demanding nightmare.

It comes down to six tips that I’ll uncover throughout this episode – which will help you communicate more effectively with your peers while still standing in your power.

From being open and slowing down to honoring the art of silence so the person receiving your message has time to process it. Get ready to learn the top ways to master your conversational skills and authentically connect with your peers like never before.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • Why women are afraid of standing in their power
  • Not speaking your truth is sabotaging your success
  • The power of preframing
  • Consider that everyone processes information differently
  • How to use your physicality to deliver your message effectively
  • The importance of being open and slowing down
  • Being genuine and authentic
  • The art of silence
  • Paying attention to your mindset

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