53: Social Media is More Powerful than the Media with Molly McPherson

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Social media can be daunting. Many businesses – and individuals – are still learning to grip the power of it, with some people saying it’s more powerful than the media.

We now have access to information at our fingertips like never before.

One wrong post, comment or like can send a business or individual into a spiraling downfall, with trolls and keyboard warriors hiding in anonymity claiming victim after victim. And nothing stays hidden anymore – posts, even deleted ones, can come back to haunt you. One screenshot of a miscommunicated comment can bring a business down.

Meanwhile, social media can do wonders for a business. Not only can this new age technology open you up to more exposure, but there are also new creative ways constantly unfolding where you can market your business and create trust with existing and future clientele. If you’re not using it, you are missing out on the potential to expand your business.

So how business owners, workers, and individuals safely utilize social media platforms in a way that will enhance their business or product?

Communication expert Molly McPherson joins me in this episode sharing her experience helping businesses navigate the realms of social media.

From the importance of having a social media policy to how authenticity can make your organization a success, we cover all aspects business owners should be mindful of when using social media platforms.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • The importance of having a social media policy in the workplace
  • Being mindful of what you post on social media
  • Social media is more powerful than the press
  • The power and destruction of social media trolls
  • Expressing  your persona to the medium
  • Becoming more comfortable with being online
  • Building authenticity and trust online
  • How ‘roasting’ can be a risky move
  • Nothing stays hidden anymore – How posts can come back to haunt you
  • What happens when you are reactive online and how that impacts your business
  • How to respond to a social media storm
  • Posting about your value system
  • How to deal with someone trashing you online

For a full transcript of this episode, CLICK HERE.

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