51: How to Get Control & Acceptance

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Do you ever allow yourself to let go and accept life as it is? Or do you constantly overthink situations at work, judge your performance or worry about how things are panning out in all areas of your life? Are you trying to control a situation and it’s just not working out for you?

Well, you’re about to hear all about the law of allowing and the value of surrendering, as Dr. Laura Gallaher dives deep into self-acceptance, vulnerability, becoming aware of the stories you tell yourself and the importance of acknowledging that control is an illusion.

Once you begin to understand the power of letting go, things start to feel less chaotic. The more you let go of self-judgment, get really good at self-acceptance and self-compassion, the stronger sense of psychological safety you create. This leads you to make decisions without letting fear of failure get in the way. Without letting self-sabotaging habits like perfectionism stop you from taking action. And it allows you to feel more at peace with the way your life is at this present moment.

On top of that, if you are able to be yourself 100%, without judgment – complete acceptance – you become a permission slip for other people to do the same, which allows them to experience the same level of freedom that you embody.

When you get off autopilot and start practicing, you begin to shift all areas of your life. And that is getting in control of your life.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • How to create psychological safety wherever you are
  • The value of self-acceptance
  • Letting go of self-judgment
  • Recognizing the shared human condition
  • How the stories you tell yourself could be holding you back
  • The power of self-sabotaging habits
  • Other people’s behavior is not about you
  • How to respond instead of react in a moment of conflict
  • How to create more positive interactions with people
  • Recognizing triangulation
  • Changing patterns and behaviors

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