49 Ways to Build Rapport with Lara Currie

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Have you ever felt truly appreciated? Showing people that they are appreciated is essential when it comes to building and maintaining relationships. Whether you’re showing appreciation towards friends, family or your colleagues at work, it’s important that you’re expressing authentically, and that you understand every person has their own unique way of receiving recognition and truly feeling appreciated.

This is particularly important in the workplace, where the primary reason people leave a job is not because of pay. It’s because they don’t feel appreciated, trusted or valued.

You see, your colleague might feel appreciated when you thank them for their hard work during a staff meeting, you, on the other hand, may prefer it when your boss seeks you out privately, giving you specific positive feedback.

There’s no cookie cutter approach when it comes to acknowledging an individual. There’s actually five different appreciation languages, and each person has a primary and secondary way they like to receive appreciation. By becoming familiar with the ways people in your workplace like to receive recognition, you’ll be able to give it authentically and genuinely, which will help you build rapport and long lasting relationships.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • What the five languages of appreciation are
  • How to authentically appreciate someone
  • How not showing genuine appreciation towards your co-workers will affect your margin
  • The importance of being specific when you acknowledge someone
  • What to consider before recognizing someone
  • The best ways to show appreciation in the workplace
  • How showing appreciation will motivate your co-workers and increase productivity

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