47 Boundaries, Resilience and how to Say No

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People will push your boundaries. They will be violated. The good news is you can prepare for it. Building the resilience that you need to be able to affirm your boundaries and say “No” when it’s needed will help you to prepare. Boundaries don’t happen in a vacuum. It takes time, intention and practice.

We all encounter boundaries every day. Physical, mental, emotional, and personal boundaries. Coming to understand what impacts those boundaries and learning when it’s appropriate to be flexible with those boundaries can make all the difference when navigating difficult situations.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • How boundaries can help with triggered reactions
  • How your boundaries impact who you are and how you present yourself in the world
  • What really impacts your boundaries?
  • When boundaries should be more fluid
  • Ways that context can impact your boundaries
  • How change can change everything
  • What builds resilience
  • How to say “No” respectfully
  • Ways curiosity can help you find clarity

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