45 [Coaching] From Perfectionist to Progress by Identifying Triggers

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Anyone can struggle with balance, perfectionism, disappointment, and conflict. As a small business owner, my guest today, Natalie Johnston and her daughter and business partner, Brittany Dyson, come to the show for an on-air coaching call to get my help in handling perfectionism and disappointment brought on by a conflict with a client.

Unhappy customers are bound to happen in any business at some point in time. Having a better understanding of what might have triggered your customer’s reaction, and how your customer’s reaction might be triggering a reaction in you can help you navigate the situation more gracefully.

This call with Natalie and Brittany will dive into the four conflict personality types and the anatomy of a conflict to help you identify triggers and move from perfectionism to progress.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • How perfectionism shows up internally and externally
  • What a triggered-reaction looks like and how it impacts you
  • What changes when working with family
  • How conflict impacts both parties
  • How conflict starts and what it looks like
  • How conflict can keep going when you don’t know about triggered reactions
  • What steps to take to be prepared for conflict and the feelings that come inevitably along with uncomfortable situations
  • How most of the time, conflict and difficult situations have nothing to do with you or what you have done, outside of the triggered reactions of both parties involved

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