44 The Best Shows of 2018

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The Best Shows of 2018

“You have to look back to move forward” my gramma Tiny used to say and I couldn’t agree more. Today we are looking back at the top-rated shows of last year. In doing so, popular themes of interest popped out.

Theme’s like;

Boundaries, how to fortify them, protect them and what to do when someone oversteps your boundaries.

What to say. Tough things are tough – duh, but when you have the right phrasing in your pocket for those tough situations, it helps to make those situations a little less ‘difficult’.

Reactions, emotions and the residue that is left from conflict, were several more themes that were popular.

This is not your typical “the best of” show. I break down the key points and some fun facts about each episode. As is per usual, I went off on a few “elaborations’ tantrums.

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Team Trust Busters ep 4

The Grand Simplifier with Dr. Laura Gallaher

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Bossing and Boundaries

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What to Say when you don’t know What to Say

No Vision, No Value

Bosses and Bad Behavior

How to Speak so that someone will listen in a Conflict

Incivility in the Workplace with Karen Cooley

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