42: Triggers & the FIRO B

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Assessing the Assessments with Coryne Forest

What motivates you? I was asked this question recently and as someone who works in a world with shades of grey my first thought was “in what context”. Whether you are a leader, an employee, a boss or a solopreneur understanding what motivates you to behave in a certain way can be a powerful discovery. The FIRO B, or the Fundamental Interpersonal relations orientation behavior explores your interpersonal needs, in particular, in three areas; Inclusion, Affection, and Control.

At its core, this assessment shows us how we express these needs, and how much we want them.

This is part of a series I am doing on Assessments. Isn’t it time we took a deeper look at the benefits and limitations of the myriad of assessments? Sure is, in episode 37, we took a look at the KOLBE, in Episode 39 it was the DISC turn, in episode 40 we shone the light on a little known assessment, the Enneagram, and episode 41 brought us to two very different assessments, the Clifton Strengths & the Fascinate, another more obscure assessment.

When we explore the needs of the individuals around us, that we work with, live with and ourselves it leads to greater understanding, personal growth, and stronger deeper interpersonal connections.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • What is a triggered reaction
  • Why is winter “trigger-season”
  • Why women working in male-dominated fields experience more stress
  • What is the FIRO B
  • The difference between a desired and expressed need in relation to your three inclusion zones
  • What societal norms have to do with it
  • How the FIRO B can help you manage your relationships
  • How relationship management impacts leadership
  • What your brain doesn’t like
  • A simple story about a boss and an administrative assistant that will change your perspective

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