41: How to Fascinate & Clifton Strengths Finder

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Latondra Murray, Ph.D., Mary Albright & Tara Lynn Foster

We are diving into the world of Assessments. On Episode 37 we looked at one of my favorite assessments the KOLBE, on Episode 39 we dove into the DISC, and on Episode 40 we uncovered the Enneagram. Some of these you may know, others you may be hearing about for the first time.

Today we are exploring two assessments that are very different from one another. The Clifton Strengths Assessment and the How to Fascinate Assessment. Why put these two together? I wanted to do this because all of these assessments, tests, designators, or whatever qualifier you want to call them are like different sides of a die, various shades of the same color, and together they form a tapestry that leads to greater understanding.

Information, awareness, and curiosity all lead to growth, growth as a leader and growth as a person – I believe that personal growth is intrinsic to becoming a good leader and business owner. To help me uncover the strengths, benefits, and purpose of the Clifton Strengths Assessment and the How to Fascinate Assessment, I have enlisted 3 amazing people, Dr. LaTondra Murray, Mary Albright, and Tara Lynn Foster.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • How to discover your top 5 strengths
  • Ways your individual strengths interact
  • How to use your talents in a way that serves you
  • How to determine what the world sees in you
  • Where you add the most value when you show up with your highest energy
  • How to put words around those thoughts we call a personal brand statement
  • Where your primary advantage and your secondary advantage meet

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La Tondra Murray, Ph.D. ACC

Career & Life Strategist

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Mary Albright

Founder, Mary Albright Consulting

Business Operations Consultant | Fascinate Certified Advisor


Tara Lynn Foster



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