39: The DISC

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Assessing the Assessments with Denise Myers & Jamie Gairo

In order to be an effective leader, you need professional development, I believe that you also need personal development just as much, if not more, than traditional professional development. I know many great leaders who have used their personal development growth to impact teams & businesses.

When it comes to assessments there is no shortage, love assessments, relational assessments, skin/hair/muscle/fat assessments, the list goes on and on. An assessment is a tool, and as with all tools, it is how you use them that is important. On this week’s episode we explore the DISC & the Generation 2 DISC, to help me do this I enlisted the help of 2 experts, Denise Myers and Jamie Gairo

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • What is the DISC
  • The different types of DISC and what they offer
  • The benefit of this assessment
  • The limitations of this assessment
  • How the DISC has impacted personal relationships
  • The importance of finding the right attributes for the job
  • Why corporate America is desperate for qualified candidates
  • How much the quest for qualified middle management employees cost a business
  • How to encourage engagement
  • Using assessments to retain employees
  • Building a positive company culture with assessments
  • Is your employee combative or in the wrong position
  • How communication is stunted with apposing DISC modalities

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