38: [Coaching] Leading Through a Hostile Take-Over

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Unexpected change can be stressful on any team, when you work for a company that has experienced a hostile takeover, a shakeup of team members and the addition of new systems and procedures, well that stress moves over for feelings of uncertainty, fear, and anger.  

My guest today, Carla Crumpton, is a team leader dealing with this very situation. She comes to the show for an on-air coaching call to get my help with some issues that have cropped up with her team, in particular around reactions, communication, and cohesion, as is expressed by the conflict-personality style that some of her employees are having.  

This call with Carla is just a small glimpse at the process and it is not the whole story by far.  This is just a peek behind the scenes so that you can gain some value and glean some actionable steps for yourself. I love being able to dive deep with someone to help them gain clarity, a clear path forward with next steps and an action plan laid out to gain freedom from the stress of tension or a potential conflict.   

What you’ll hear in this podcast: 

  • How to handle the challenges of integrating new people with longtime employees 
  • What must be established when coming into a new position 
  • How to work as a team to create more efficient systems 
  • Blending new employees with longtime employees 
  • Assessing conflict-personality types 
  • What tactic works with a passive aggressive person 
  • What to do when the “Avoider” conflict-personality type shows up 
  • Gramma Tinys’ perfect line to combat “Button Pushers”  
  • What love-languages got to do, got to do with it 
  • What metric, when tracked, leads to trust  
  • What’s the Buddy System and how it can work for you 
  • How the KOLBE assessment can uncover in your team 

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