36: Got my Mind on my Mindset

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Have you ever noticed that there are stories that we tell ourselves? Like a record playing over and over again, these stories get reinforced and can become truth. When that familiar story starts to play in the background it can lead to a negative mindset, full of limiting beliefs. For some, these negative mindset loops come at a particular time of night or in a certain crowd, for others, it is a certain time of year.

As whole human beings, there are certain times where we know we are the bomb and can tackle anything, other times, not so much.

When my mindset takes a trip to frown town I just want to stay inside and play Bubblewitch all day.

On last week’s show, Hilary and I talked about how important it is to have a solid tribe of biz besties, of supporters and cheerleaders. I know I rely on my squad, but for a lot of us, when we get into a negative headspace, we don’t lean on those who can help us. In today’s episode, we take a look at mindset patterns, negative mindset cures, and how the past can unlock our mindset future.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • What is your mindset?
  • How your mindset can change what you hear
  • When your mindset influences what you say
  • What is trigger season?
  • When is trigger season?
  • Positive vs negative triggered-reactions
  • Your body keeps the score
  • What you can do to change a negative mindset
  • How to identify Patterns that lead to a negative mindset
  • What successful people know about mindset

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