35: Tribes and Tribulations with Hilary Johnson

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What does your tribe have to do with the tribulations you face in your life? Your mindset impacts your ability to weather a storm in your business and in your life. There are certain times of the year that may wreak havoc on your mindset and others that have you ready to take on the world, each one of us has a season or time of year, that is more challenging than others, so how do you build resilience while navigating through those stormy times? That’s what Hilary and I dive into today –  

With your mind on your mindset and your mindset on your mind

Episode 35 Talking Tribes and Tribulations with Hilary Johnson

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • Why we struggle (women) with self-promotion
  • How to break the seasonal cycle’s
  • The truth about fear
  • Why you may view self -promotion as sleazy
  • How to filter the fire hose of content
  • Why you need to know your seasonal rhythms
  • What success looks like
  • The trifecta for true connections
  • What is having it all together
  • The importance of having a biz besties
  • Why you need to look back to move forward
  • Do you Shift?

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