33: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There with Laurie Nichols

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You’ve built a successful business with a great team and steady clients, then the universe steps in and throws a wrench in the plan. Now what?

Laurie Nichols has been there, she is fiercely committed to guiding business owners and professionals to reimagine their lives and work through succession planning with heart.

Without a clear plan, uncertainty, a lack of communication and the undertow of “busy” can lead to a revolving door of staff, an inability to monetize the investment in your business and even a loss of the legacy you created.

Not having a plan, is a plan.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • What the has to do with the beginning
  • Why having a plan for the unexpected is essential, and how to create one
  • The conversation you need to have today with your staff
  • Not planning is a plan
  • Why any change is a loss
  • What’re your goldilocks?
  • What the #1 stressor is for business owners
  • Why the answer is the next generation professionals
  • What is worse than incomplete communication
  • How to stave off fear in your staff
  • What is the undertow?
  • Fact – 73% of business owners have no plan for succession
  • 96% of team members have a sense of uncertainty because of this
  • What creates a revolving door
  • How to create a win-win-win
  • What a real mission vision and values statement looks like (hint – it’s not just a poster)
  • How millennials are a part of the equation
  • Why a smaller business is fraught landmines?
  • What professional development has to do with the ground rules
  • How to realize financial value
  • The impact on your family
  • How to know when you are hiding in ‘busy’

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“Having no plan is a plan”

“Any change is a loss of some kind”

“What gets verbalized, gets visible”

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