32: The Debt You Pay

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Our nation is suffering from a toxic debt, and we all pay the price. This is not a monetary debt, it is a communication debt. One that has been festering for years, decades even. Is your team suffering from a communication debt that is impacting your bottom dollar?

When a matter or issue continues to crop up over time, whether you view the matter to be important issues, typical issues or missed conversation opportunities that start to pile up between your team members, employees or another individual. This debt can accrue in many ways, from a lack of response, say to emails, texts, Voxes, Marco Polo’s, Snap’s etc. From receiving a partial response. When you feel like you are not getting the answers you need in order to do your job or that you have to chase someone down to get a response a communication debt is incurred.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • The 3 most common forms of communication debt
  • How to avoid a communication debt among your team
  • What to do when you realize you have a communication debt
  • Practical policies you should put in place
  • How Change is fertile ground for communication debt
  • The troublesome employee problem
  • When feelings are hurt
  • How Dr. Ford & Mr. Kavanaugh express communication debt


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