31: The Grand Simplifier with Dr. Laura Gallaher

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With Dr. Laura Gallaher

Working with different personalities can be a challenge, the old adage ‘we teach people how to treat us’ is true, but we do so subconsciously as well as consciously, after all, relationships are co-created. The communication patterns and habits that we establish with our team members, employees and coworkers can lead to healthy patterns and dysfunctional ones.

There is a grand simplifier that can lead to a positive and strong team culture, where issues are discussed respectfully before they can become a problem. That grand simplifier is openness.

Organizational Psychologist Dr. Laura Gallaher of the Gallaher Edge joins me to discuss best practices, her F.R.I.C. concept to facilitate open conversations, what she is doing in Prague and so much more.

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 What you’ll hear in this episode;

  • How openness can be the grand simplifier in communication
  • Why Dr. Gallaher sold all her belongings and is traveling the world for a year with “remote year”
  • How micro-learning is the new way people are learning new skills
  • How to have a difficult conversation
  • The importance of feedback in team management
  • Why 365 feedback can be damaging to a team


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Show Notes 


 “I am never defending myself from you, I am defending myself from something inside of me that I don’t want to feel”

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