29: Why your subconscious is the Real Boss with Melina Palmer

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Difficult Happens, Why your Subconscious is the real Boss

Behavioral Economist Melina Palmer joins me to talk about why people act and react the way they do. Our subconscious lives in another dimension, living out whole experiences that we react to, making assumptions and determining actions.

Our subconscious is doing calculations 95-99% of the time behind the scenes impacting how we communicate with one another.

Our brains love a pattern, our subconscious works from a framework of patterns, sets & logic. The first time you hear something it might seem weird, the next time you hear it (or see it) your brain goes “I remember this”. In behavioral economics, you can use ‘sprinkling or hinting’ to get your message across. When you help someone come to a conclusion on their own, it makes a huge difference.

“Saying the same thing in two different ways gets different results, any conversation is basically like a sales pitch, you are putting something out there and you want them to react a certain way, anything that you are doing or saying should be with the intent to move them to the next step in understanding or the sales process.”



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Melina Palmer & The Brainy Biz

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“Let Silence do the heavy lifting”

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